Privacy Policy

At ABESquare, we are completely committed to protecting your privacy. Any information that we collect from our customers is only for providing the best possible service by analyzing customer preferences and behavior pattern.
Please read the Privacy Policy document before making any purchase from our site.

  • The information that is collected by ABESquare Furnish Pvt. Ltd. is the following:
    Contact details of the customer such as name, email address, telephone number, account password and shipping address.
  • Customers can choose not to register with ABEsquare and can proceed directly to the payment page by selecting the “Guest Checkout” button. However, the following details will still be collected: Contact details of the customer such as name, email, address, telephone number and shipping address.
  • ABEsquare does not save any of the clients’ card or banking details. These are first authorised by the payment gateway and then the bank or card companies without passing through at all.
  • We collect information about the transactions you undertake on our website,including details of payments and type of cards used.
  • As a customer, you can receive newsletters from regarding newproducts and offers if you choose to. You can also opt out of receiving anycommunication from us, at any point of time.
  • We collect anonymous information like traffic information, hardware information,browser type, browser language, operating system and location when you visit ourwebsite.
  • We collect email communication details which any customer has directly withABEsquare regarding product enquiry, order and transaction related information anddisputes or complaints.
  • At no point will ABEsquare ever ask any details related to your card or account overthe telephone or over email. In case you receive any such call or email, please donot share any information. You can email us at to report any such issues.
  • We guarantee that we will not rent or sell your personal information to third partieswithout your consent.